About Lo!

– I am a meat-lover gone vegetarian
– I refuse to spend more than $10 on an article of clothing
– I enjoy cooking meals for all of my friends to enjoy
– I take care of my 93-year-old Nana at home (which is why I transferred here to GSU)
-I began my college career as a Computer Graphics major with minor in Advertising, switched to Undecided, then to Geology (which I truly miss), and now I am getting my B.S. in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing.
-Other small tidbits about me include: I drink my coffee black (or with honey), I have a fear of whales and wire hangers, and I can only cross one eye at a time.


4 Responses to “About Lo!”

  1. Hi Lo, I just received your comment on my “about me” page. I couldn’t figure out how to get in contact w/ you so I figured I would reply back on your “about me” page! You should add in an email address or a Twitter link to your blog! It would be good if people wanted to reach you for some reason about your blog (maybe job offers?!)

    Anyways, I did find your comment, you had 2 on my blog. I can send you the info if you’d like in an e-mail, it might be easier. Remember for blog comments you’ll need the comment number, title of the blog post (plus a hyper link to my blog) blog author’s name (Kelsey Hendrix) the date (1/26/10, and 1/29/10) and your complete comment. I can copy and paste it into an email for you. send me your email address. I’m on twitter!

  2. Hey! I am trying to find where you commented on my post and I dont see it? Do you remember anything about the post; like was it a reading or a pr connection??

  3. Hey! I appreciate the comment about our career fair! I was soo nervous going into it! I did not think anybody was going to show up but luckily we ended up getting over 70 people which wasnt great but I will definately take it! Thats awesome about you taking care of your nana! 🙂 I think thats great. I’m really close to my grandma (or mema as I like to call her) as well. Also an interestin g tid-bit on the fact you refuse to pay more than $10 for clothes. I’m the same way (atleast when it comes to money) in that I’m verrrrrryyyyyyyy stingy. Wow! You have switched majors a good bit! I’m the same way. I started off as business mang. then switched to Phys ed. and now im general studies with a concentration in Psych, and Soci, with a minor in Public Relations. Anyways, good luck with the rest of the semester! Almost Done!!!

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