Chapter Thirteen Thoughts…


What I learned:

  • “Branching” is a technique that allows to send users in specific directions, with the basic idea being that it eliminates the need for viewers to scroll down a long linear document.”- page 385 in 5th edition
  • On page 388- To write an effective website, you must have a vision of how you want your organization to be perceived by the public, you need a copywriter to write the text, you need a graphic artist to add the visual element and finally a computer programmer to put the ideas together in HTML code for the Internet.

What surprised me:

  • “More than 75 percent of all Web servers being installed are for intranet purposes, and the market for intranet applications, platforms and related technology is substantially outstripping that for the public Internet and all other IT areas.” – John Gerstner
  • According to Sun Microsystems, it takes 50 percent longer for someone to read material on a computer screen that it does in a print advertisement.

What I want to know more about:

  • How to make your site more user-friendly and to make the site more interactive for users to be engaged in. What types of games, blogs, graphics, and polls attract the most attention? Which types of these extras are most useful for the type of site you are trying to generate? How do you go about creating the interactive tools?

~ by lowoodward on April 25, 2010.

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