Chapter Eleven Thoughts…

Working With the Media

What I learned:

  • “One survey of 539 large companies by the Public Affairs Group (PAG) found that media relations was the #1 job responsibility of their public relations staffs. In most cases, public relations personnel are the primary contact between the organization and the media.”
  • According to the text, “Journalist tend to stereotype public relations people as “flacks,” a derogatory term for press agents.” –> that’s not nice  :o(   lol

What surprised me:

  • According to the text, “Gary Putka, the Boston bureau chief of The Wall Street Journal, admits that ‘a good 50 percent’ of the stories in the newspaper come from news releases.”
  • “60 percent of the journalists thought the biggest problem was public relations people who were ‘unfamiliar with our editorial requirements and format.’ Other major complaints, in descending order were: too many unsolicited e-mails, faxes and phones calls; don’t know the product or service; repeated calls and follow-up; spokespersons not available; and, they don’t met publication deadlines.”

What I want to know more about:

  • On page 314 in the 5th edition text book, there is a text box entitled: You Have the Right to Remain Silent. It explains that PR people should always cooperate with the media BUT there are times when they should remain silent. It goes through a list of when you should not answer to reporters and the media. What I want to know are tips on how to deal with those high-stress situations, when you can’t really say anything and you’re stuck needing a quick response!

~ by lowoodward on April 23, 2010.

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