T.O.W. Week 6

What makes a story newsworthy?

  • First off, according to http://www.dictionary.com, to be “newsworthy” is to display “sufficient interest to the public or a special audience to warrant press attention or coverage.”

Several factors determine whether a story is newsworthy, such as:

  • Timing- Is the story relevant? Is it new information? Is it old information that can be made relevant?
  • Significance, or Impact- How many people are affected by this story? How many people would take interest in this story?
  • Proximity- How close does this story hit to home? This could mean geographically or culturally. People tend to take more of an interest in news that happens close to home.
  • Conflict – For whatever reason, humans are, by nature, intrigued by conflicts. Conflict propels drama, drama derives curiosity, and curiosity makes for a good reason to sit down and read what YOU have to say!
  • Prominence- Famous or historically important people, places, things and events can make a story newsworthy because- let’s face it– even if you hate most celebrities, for example, there is at least one famous person that excites each of us, and you never know when you might write a story about someone famous that grabs people’s attention and makes a great story!
  • Novelty – Original, fresh, well-written language is the key to any newsworthy story. I bet you just about anything, that if a story is well composed and unique, no matter what the topic, you can catch just about any reader! I do this everyday, actually! I visit my 3 or 4 favorite news sites and sometimes, just because of a unique headline, I look at the mini-news feed on the story (which is usually the first few sentences, so you can get a feel for the story), and even if the topic is something I might not usually to choose to read about, if I sense the author has good style or is makes interesting points, I am willing to sit down and read, just about anything!

~ by lowoodward on April 20, 2010.

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