Chapter Five Thoughts…

News Releases and Fact Sheets!

1. I learned that…

  • In order for your release to be in good enough standing to be published, the book suggest three things it must include: a standardized format, information that will interest viewers by either a news release or fact sheet, and your material must be timely. (see pages 125-6)
  • On page 133, the book describes what to do as a reaction plan to “bad news.” I didn’t just learn this, but I liked the fact that the book says- that when you run into bad spotlight, that the best thing to do is take action immediately by confronting the issue and supplying facts about the organization’s point of view- so, I added it here. Basically, I just appreciated that the text suggest tackling the issue, not trying to hide it with other news or sugar-coating the real issue at hand. This also applies to every-day-life, people! Don’t let your issues overcome you- tackle ’em!! 🙂

2. I was surprised that…

  • According to page 125, that “between 55 and 97 percent of all news releases sent to media outlets are never used.”
  • Also on page 125, “Many publications receive 300 to 500 news releases a week.
  • I know this is going to sound silly, but I find it a little odd that double-spacing is the standard for print releases. I mean, I know it’s there visually, so everything is not cramped and also for editors to make notes, but it just feels so sixth grade to me. For some reason, every time I have to double-space my assignments, I feel like when I was twelve and teachers practically rewrite your sentences for you in bloody felt pen, because a simple cross-out or double underline to capitalize wasn’t enough.

3. I would like to know more about…

  • Any sources where they have a compilation of every style news story. It’s easy to Google, or look at examples in the book, but it would be nice to have some kind of database or one single book of nothing but every type of letter or story format you could need to write. I am sure there are some out there, but I just haven’t found that one source with the “wow” factor, yet. Any suggestions?   🙂

~ by lowoodward on February 23, 2010.

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