Chapter Four- How to Get Your Client News!

Chapter 4– Brainstorming Ideas for:

How to get the Georgia Historical Society in the News!

First of all, what are the procedures you have to take in order to get news out? Let’s take a look! Our book states the following as ways to promote and create your news:

Internal Sources (Page 101)

  1. Important Papers
  2. Periodicals
  3. Clipping Files
  4. Other Published Materials

External Sources (Page 103)

  1. Attend Club and have a speaker discuss organization
  2. Have a CEO write an op-ed piece for the local paper
  3. Polls and Surveys
  4. Census Reports
  5. Trade Media
  6. Financial Analyst Reports
  7. Findings of Governmental Commissions
  8. Sales figures for entire industry
  9. Updates on competitors

“How to Create News” (Page 104):

  1. Pseudoevent (ex: miss America, academy awards)

Page 106:

  • “Thirty Two Ways to Create News for Your Organization”

°         Tie in with news events of the day

°         Cooperate with another organization on a joint project

°         Tie in with a newspaper or broadcast station on a mutual project

°         Conduct a poll or survey

°         Issue a report

°         Arrange an interview with a celebrity

°         Take part in a controversy

°         Arrange for a testimonial

°         Arrange for a speech

°         Make an analysis or prediction

°         Form and announce names for committees

°         Hold an election

°         Announce an appointment

°         Celebrate an anniversary

°         Issue a summary of facts

°         Tie in with a holiday

°         Make a trip

°         Make an award

°         Hold a contest

°         Pass a resolution

°         Appear before a public body

°         Stage a special event

°         Write a letter

°         Release a letter you received (with permission)

°         Adapt national reports and surveys for local use

°         Stage a debate

°         Tie in to a well-know week or day

°         Honor an institution

°         Organize a tour

°         Inspect a project

°         Issue a commendation

°         Issue a protest

So, how do would I create news for my client, the Georgia Historical Society? I used examples from the previously mentioned “Thirty-Two Ways to Create News for Your Organization” and wrote blurbs on how it relates to the Georgia Historical Society. Here is what I came up with, when I was brainstorming while reading chapter four…

  • #2 –Cooperate with another organization on a joint project

°         The GHS could get together with local small businesses in the historic districts of downtown Georgia cities, and for every purchase made at that business, a small donation would be made to the GHS.

  • #4- Conduct a poll or survey

°         The GHS could give poll or survey local residents and business owners in downtown historical districts in Georgia cities, and with the information they gather, they could make a facts sheet (see #15), which could be used to write a news story, blog, or advertisement.

  • #6- Arrange an interview with a celebrity

°         Say the GHS wanted to draw attention to the needs of Savannah’s downtown historical district; they could use a local celebrity, such as Paula Dean, to draw attention to any programs or campaigns the GHS may be promoting.

  • #11- Form and announce names for committees

°         The GHS could have a banquet or fundraiser, with the theme being based around and awards ceremony, announcing new board members, or recognizing old ones. The information from that event could then be written into a story, blog, etc…

  • #12-Hold an election

°         Not only could the GHS hold an election to vote on new committee members and policies, but they could actually use one of the buildings protected by the GHS to hold local voting. With so many people passing through the doors on the way to vote, they could be introduced to a historical site and then at the registration table, there could be a donation jar to help support the GHS’s cause. The information from this dual voting-center/fundraiser could then make for a good story to write about.

  • #14- Celebrate an anniversary

°         If the GHS has any important dates to celebrate, they could have a public party, with donations and brochures available. The information from this event could then be written into a story.

  • #15- Issue a summary of facts

°         As mentioned in #4, after obtaining different statistics about the GHS or the properties they protect and renew, they could use them to write a story, form a discussion board online to get people aware, use the information to make advertisements, use the info to build a website, or even use the info to make postcards with facts as a part of the invitation to the next fundraiser.

  • #16- Tie in with a holiday

°         What if you found a building in the downtown district of Savannah, Georgia that had a tie to St. Patrick’s Day? Maybe a restaurant or business owned by Irish? You could host an event at the historical location around the holiday to help promote both the business and the GHS…then turning it into a story.

  • #22- Stage a special event

°         Basically the same idea as #16 J

  • #29- Organize a tour

°         Pick a building from the historical district of a downtown Georgia city and host a tour. This could easily be a fundraiser, and you could tie it to a holiday as well….and as always, you could take the info from it and turn it into a story!


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2 Responses to “Chapter Four- How to Get Your Client News!”

  1. I have another idea for you! Why not organize a contest and a trip all in one? The GHS can issue an essay contest. Participants would be required to write about their favorite historical landmark in Georgia. They must cite why they want to go visit it, what they know about the site, and why it is important to them and the state of Georgia. The winner, which would be the person with the best essay, would win a trip to the site they wrote about! **This contest might be fun to do with Elementary School children!**

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