Chapter Four Thoughts…

“Finding and Generating News”

What I learned….

  • The news includes many aspects including: timeliness, prominence, proximity, significance, unusualness, human interest, conflict and newness.
  • When judging the significance of an event, you must know not only how many people will be affected, but also who will be affected.

What surprised me…

  • “Timeliness may be the most important characteristic of news. By definition, news must be current!”–> Though this statement seems obvious, what is “surprising” to me is how many people do not write about things that are current. Or rather, people write about old topics, but are unable to relate them to the current time.
  • The book states  that, “People like to read about other people…Interest in people, however, is not restricted to celebrities.” This statement surprised me, because I feel like not as many people are willing to read a heartfelt tale about just some common person, as they might be to read about a celebrity, or someone of a higher social status.

What I would like to know more about…

  • Historian Daniel Boorstin’s idea of “pseudoevents”. I think the concept of basically creating an event for the purpose of generating press coverage  is interesting. The examples the book gave of a “pseudoevent” includes the Academy Awards, as well as the Miss America pageant.


~ by lowoodward on February 12, 2010.

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