Super Bowl XLIV Commercials

One of my favorite Super Bowl XLIV ads was the Google ad, featuring the life of a man through Google searches. Here it is for you:

I really enjoyed this commercial because it was showcased the many features that Google offers, but also made it have a simple, easy to understand storyline, that was overall cute and easy to remember.  The great thing about Google is how much they have to offer us as consumers. They are a search engine, a video store, a newspaper,  a mall, a photo album, an email service, a map, and so much more, you can virtually do just about anything on the internet, through them. Because of all these qualities, Google has an extremely diverse target audience. Virtually everyone, (except China, due to some really odd laws) is capable of using the internet. I have seen little toddlers, as well as senior citizens using internet before, which means they are susceptible to using Google at some point when they need to find something.

So who is the target audience here really? Even though Google users can be young and old, every ethnicity and both genders, these are still factors Google has to consider when making their web-service. Other factors that could be included in Google’s target audience are whether the user is a student, professional, or unemployed; their level of technological knowledge, and primary uses for their service.

Overall, this is one of many great commercials for Google. What do you think?


~ by lowoodward on February 10, 2010.

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