Is it Manic or Magic Monday?

Wow. So, today at 11:04 today I read the horoscope posted below. It fits my day, thus far, to a tee. So much in fact, I couldn’t help but to share it with you. 

Today’s Aries Horoscope- You bristle when a friend or relative says something they think is innocuous. Don’t suppress it this time — go ahead and let them have it, but make sure you’re ready to make up soon! Mood:Patient       Lucky Color:Sky Blue                                                                Lucky Number:94        Lucky Time of Day:1pm

This morning, I kinda-sorta–meant-to-but-also-accidently bit my ma’s head off (metaphorically speaking). She was reminding me of my Granny-sitting duties I take on every Wednesday morning, and after almost two years of the same routine, of her asking over-and-over the same questions about how the morning will play out, I did it. I word vommited things I didn’t mean to say exactly how they came out and then, shamelessly (in that moment), bit her head off and stormed off to class.  

Alllllll freaking morning, I have felt like a cockroach on my back about the whole situation. Not to mention, I need a cup of black coffee with honey like I need blood in my veins. And something to eat, before I pass out.

So this morning, at 11:04, when I read my horoscope, I realized my day matched up with everything it said.

Obviously when you read the horoscope itself you can see how it plays on my story about my mother I alredy told you about. Then, when you read the “Of the Day” categories, they also follow through with my day.

I have been trying to make myself patient, calm and reserved- because i about had a panic attack later this morning. I also noticed beautiful the sky was today because as of lately I have been taking non stop pics of the sky on my cell, when I catch it at it’s nicest moments. The lucky “94” I didn’t understand until I realized I yelped at my ma at EXACTLY 9:30 am + 1.34 hours (which you get if you assume the lucky “94” is refering to minutes) and that = 10.64, which actually would translate to 11:04 (since you can’t have  64 minutes) and THAT, my friends, is exactly when I read my horoscope this morning. Oh, and lastly, my lucky time of day is mentioned to be “1pm” in my horoscope. And why might that time of day be lucky for me, you might ask? Schools out for the day 🙂

Its either magic, or coicidence, but either way, you might want to read your horoscope today. Try !



~ by lowoodward on February 1, 2010.

One Response to “Is it Manic or Magic Monday?”

  1. That’s crazy how right on your horoscope was! I’m an Aries too and I’m normally pretty laid back, but sometimes people just catch you on a bad day and you totally flip on them. It’s not very nice to do, but it happens! I LOVE your blog…especially your Dr. Seuss quote!

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