Chapter 2 Notes

Notes and Thoughts from Text:

Chapter Two

  • The graphic on page 43 is somewhat appealing in a silly way to me.
  • On page 46, are some tips on Effective Communication. Most are pretty obvious but it’s a good thing to keep them in mind. I like the saying on number 3, “Communicate with people, not at them.”
  • I like the diagram on page 51 called “Appeals That Move People to Act.”  It talks about a list of persuasive message themes that were thought up by a guy named Charles Marsh who worked on Communication World.
  • I put a star next to “Why Marketing Materials Fail to Persuade” on page 53. Writing specialist, Dianna Huff gives 10 reasons why marketing goes unseen:
  1. Emphasis on the company instead of the customer
  2. All features, no benefits
  3. Copy that fails to say, “What’s in it for me?”
  4. Too much jargon
  5. Redundancies
  6. No call to action
  7. Copy not addressed to target audience
  8. Failure to nail down messaging
  9. Poor grammar
  10. Failure to edit or proofread
  • Always remember, “Persuasive writing must give people information on how to take action, and the suggestion must be feasible.
  • Remember TARES, the ethics test for PR writers:

Truthfulness   Authenticity   Respect   Equity   Social-responsibility


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