T.O.W. Week Three- What’s Up With Comments!?

Why are comments such an integral part of blogs?

  • Comments are an essential part of blogs because it is a way for bloggers to receive keep open communication between the blog’s author and their audience. Comments allow for constructive criticism, reader’s opinions/point of view, and a way to show the publisher who is reading their work. Comments are link between knowing, verses hoping, that people are reading and being responsive to what ever topic you’re acknowledging.

What advice would you offer on writing effective blog comments?

  • There is no one formula to writing an effective comment, but rather some basic guidelines and tips to keep in mind:

* If expressing how much you enjoyed reading something, don’t tell the person how great it was, but WHY it was great. It will let them know what concepts to keep in their writing

* If you are giving constructive criticism, be thorough in explaining what areas of technique or wording is important for the author to work on. Be specific and explain what was wrong and give examples or ideas on how to construct more effective writing. After you’re done explaining your evaluation of things for them to improve, remind what things DID work for their writing, and why.


~ by lowoodward on January 27, 2010.

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