Comments From PRCA Students

Welcome to my BLOG! This first blog is in order for me to keep track of who I have been commenting (for class use) so just excuse this!!

1.) Michelle Vegliante –>

  • Date: 1.27.2010
  • Title: Chapter 2
  • Comment: you are very thorough in your blogs haha…..soooooo, curious- are we supposed to blog as we read the chapters??

2.) Lauren Whitener –>

  • Date: 1.26.2010
  • Title: Grammar Girl T.O.W. 2
  • Comment: “I like saying twenty-ten….rolls off the tongue a lot better haha”

3.) Kelsey Hendrix –>

  • Date: 1.26.2010
  • Title: Fuji Hana
  • Comment: “you dig sushi? at Nikko or seasons of japan, order the veggie rolls but add avocado and cream cheese…..the avo is a the “good” kind of fat and the cream cheese, though not healthy, is in such a small dose that its guiltless…..try it out!! oh, i top mine with ginger and wasabi!”

4.) Kelsey Hendrix –>

  • Date: 1.26.2010
  • Title: Fuji Hana
  • Comment: “Even better! Since you are in Atlanta, you should try this place called “NAM”….its all Vietnamese food and its a little pricey, but worth it! There is an appetizer there that is lemongrass fried tofu and it’s so dang good. You should also try a place called “taqueria de sol”- its taco bell prices, but the food is out of this world fresh and so so good. Get the shrimp corn chowder- seriously. I am a vegetarian and the day I eat meat again, it’s first on my list! Too bad I don’t know of any good sushi in Atlanta! lol….Oh! One more place! Try “Pi”- it’s a super fun pizza place in an old bank with great architecture. Their pizza has really unique toppings like goat cheese, maple smoked bacon and green apples!! It sounds nuts, but its so tasty! You’ll have to let me know if you try any of these places, and what you thought! Enjoy!”

5.) Michael Greer –>

  • Date:1.27.2010
  • Title: My Favorite YouTube Video
  • Comment: “Wow. This just made my day. Nothing says awesome, quite like sexed up Disney princesses, unknowingly bumping their rump’s to soulja boi…classic. Disney classic.”

6.) Caroline Rawlins  –>

  • Date:2.12.2010
  • Title: The Bachelor; Love or Money
  • Comment: “WAY back in the day I saw this show called “Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire” and this post you made reminds me about it. The show was set up so that ten ladies were questioned by a mysterious single male millionaire and at the end of the show/questioning, he would pick a bride, and they would be legally wed in front of a live audience. The entire time, the ladies don’t get to ask him questions or see his face- they only hear his responses to their questions. Meanwhile he was able to see all of them through TV screens hooked-up. Talking about for love, or for money- huh?! This one-timer show was a hit while it aired, but I am pretty sure which ever network showed it, lost the ability to continue the show- for lack of really really really stupid millionaires haha…Anyways, thought I would share!”

7.) Chris Yates 2.11.2010 –>

  • Date: 4.19.2010
  • Title: Sea World and Conflict Resolution
  • Comment: “OMG! I saw an interview of a lady who was visiting the park the day of the accident and saw it happen (of course, before it was removed by YouTube) and it seemed like another trainer signaled the whale to chomp her up for lunch! Well, those are my words, but you see what I mean. Another site (brain fart- can’t remember at the sec) said that apparently the :”other” trainer’s ponytail in the wind, looked like a hand waving to the whale, which caused it to freak out. Either way, I already had a phobia of whales, and don’t think I will ever make it to Sea World….haha!”

8.) Erica Campbell–>

  • Date: 4.19.2010
  • Title: Twitter in Retrospect
  • Comment (response to): “Yea, Professor Mallard (like a duck!) does have some good tips! It is so true though about the technology thing–> it’s great that in this day-and-age, we have much faster ways to connect, stay in touch, and instantly upload our thoughts/opinions/pix/whatever, at the touch of our palm pilots, BUT in the long run, it is changing the way we, as humans communicate. How impersonal is it to receive a text from your loved ones, texting “i luv u,” instead of picking up the phone for 20 seconds or even meeting face to face? And how many times have you seen people duck their heads and emerge themselves with their cell, in a perfectly public place where you could be mingling, but instead they are f-booking or gaming?I mean, don’t get me wrong- I love that I can send a quick text to a buddy letting them know “hey, be there soon!”- as opposed to calling them up, waiting for an answer, potentially playing phone-tag, and then having to play 20 questions on why I am late, or when I’m coming….ya know?Haha- I’m sure you know what I mean! Maybe when things like Skype become JUST AS popular as facebook, and webcams come standard on ALL computers/web-capable-cells, then it will help fill that technology gap that is distancing all of us from the old-school, long-lost, face-to-face communication! :0)”

9.) Carrie Abramson –>

  • Date: 4.26.2010
  • Title: PRCA 3330 : T.O.W. #13
  • Comment: “I really enjoyed the video you added at the end of your list. It was a great way to laugh off some of the realities of how journalist and PR professionals can bump heads. It was funny that the guy pointed out how PR people call all night, write about the same topics, and even if they get a story that meets the journalists deadline- is it even newsworthy? Good find on this video! It’s nice when you we can laugh at ourselves sometimes- a little constructive criticism, makes the best writers! Good luck on any last-minute blogging!”

10.) Lindsay Addison  –>

  • Date: 4.26.2010
  • Title: Tweet to Save a Life
  • Comment: “Wow! You provided so much information on this Malaria cause! That is really quite impressive! What is even more impressive is that American Idol was able to raise $45 million for charity/disease research! I suppose it helps since it said some of the donations were being matched by certain companies, or whatnot.I don’t actually watch TV, or am ever around one, but I used to watch American Idol during some of the earlier seasons. I knew it had a lot of hype, but I didn’t know they were still pulling that many viewers to even obtain a $45 million in donations! Proof that television hasn’t died out yet!But, I am wondering how this actually worked? So for every “Tweet” was there some kind of donation made? Good story!!”

11.) Nicole Barlow  –>

  • Date: 4.26.2010
  • Title: Formal Weekend
  • Comment: “AW! Lovely pictures! You both photograph nicely together :o) So, which formal is this? Is it a school related formal? There were several girls talking about it in one of my classes and I guess I just haven’t been at GSU long enough to know these types of things…haha! I’m not much a formal-going-type-of-gal these days, but it sounds like you had a great time! Happy last-minute blogging!”

12.) Nicole Blochinger  –>

  • Date: 4.26.2010
  • Title: untitled march 18th post
  • Comment: “You asked the questions early in this blog: What kinds of events in your life have made you grow up faster, more than you wanted to in that time period? What about since 2010 started? So, I thought I would share my answers! First off, the events in my life that have made me grow up faster are typically tied to all the moves I have made. From 2006 when I graduated high school, to 2 years ago  when I moved to Statesboro, in that remaining 2 1/2 year time- I moved (by myself) 11 times, in 8 cities/towns, in 5 states! I went from Texas to Georgia, to South Carolina, to North Carolina, back to South Carolina, to Ohio, then finally here to Statesboro! Each move obviously had its own reason behind it, and it is those reasons and situations that really made me have to grow up quickly. It’s hard enough moving with family, even harder moving alone and without a job, real house, or car (at the time). But now, in 2010 (with a car- haha), my only real growing-up-milestones are learning now how to take care of others, not just myself. I moved here to take care of my 93-year-old Nana, who I live with. It goes to show you, even if you grow up to be 90+ years old, through all those “growing-up-milestones,” in the end, we all need a little taken care of too :o)”

13.) Michelle Blubaugh –>

  • Date: 4.262010
  • Title: T.O.W. Podcasts
  • Comment: “OMG! I am from Austin, Texas and the South by South West (or “SXSW”) festival takes place right by my old house! It is held at Zilker Park, which is BY FAR one of the most beautiful and free-spirited places you can visit in Texas! If you love music, Austin is the place for you! And if you are interested in the SXSW fest, try looking up ACL, or Austin City Limits. It is known for being the longest running cable music series, because they film it each year and replay it nationally for cable viewers. Even if you can’t make it to one of the many music festivals, you should check out Austin as a vacation idea anyways! It has 200+ music venues and the world-famous 6th street (which is like the Rodeo Drive of music, clubs, food, and shopping)… so have I convinced you to visit yet? lol”

14.) Kristina Bundy  –>

  • Date: 4.26.2010
  • Title: G-Mail
  • Comment: “You know, I do like having all my emails linked together with threading like you discussed, but I have noticed that on My Georgia Southern’s email system (that uses g-mail), whenever I get new threads from the other sender to our already established message, it doesn’t always let me know there is a new thread, like it would if there was a new email. Is this a problem you have experienced at all? If not, since you are a g-mail user, do you know how I can fix this?Also, I was as impressed as you were about how much space Google offers each user to store information. There is no telling with how many users there are, how much space Google is having to provide. That’s one heck of a web-service! “

15.) Trent Callier  –>

  • Date: 4.262010
  • Title: Product Placement, a Good Idea?
  • Comment: “I like that you included this in your blog. My friends and I make a game out of watching movies and TV and whoever spots that random Coke can in the background, or an actor eating Doritos during a scene, will try to yell out “product placement” before the others can. It’s funny, because by doing this, it only makes you realize how many product placements there are! When you continuously hear “product placement” being yelled out in our game, it almost makes it impossible to watch movies/TV without calling it out, because there are so many examples of product placement everywhere! Good article idea!”

16.) Rebecca Candler  –>

  • Date: 4.26.2010
  • Title: PR Connections #11
  • Comment: “I was so curious as to watch commercial you were talking about ( I don’t watch much TV ), so I looked it up on YouTube and watched it. I was just as surprised as you! I am not sure how they get away with doing stuff like that, but I am starting to see it more and more, as a trend in big business advertising. I thought it was kind of funny though how Burger King makes fun of themselves, stating that “It’s not original, but is cheap and tastes better” or whatever the actual quote is. Whenever I see restaurants come out with food items other places are already known for (like why is McDonald’s chicken biscuits? That’s a Chick-fil-a thing!), the first thing I sarcastically exclaim is, “Wow. How original”- so it’s nice to at least see that the PR people for Burger King are making sure their commercials can have some kind of response to people’s reactions, like mine, of “Really, they did what? HOW ORIGINAL.” haha”

17.) Matt Cook  –>

  • Date: 4.26.2010
  • Title: My 1st Event Set Up Went Great
  • Comment: “Hey! I am in that event management class and did my event for the fundraiser, which we sold snow-cones at Celebration South.  I saw Y’all’s presentation today in class- Good to see your event went well! I was pretty nervous about our event getting enough people to come too, but luckily as people came for Celebration South, they made their way to our very lovely snow-cone stand! We actually were pretty successful, but you will hear more about that in our presentation on Wednesday! I bet you are glad yours is already done and over with! Good job with any last-minute binder compilation though! I still got mine to tackle!”

18.) Jasmine Stewart –>

  • Date: 4.26.2010
  • Title: Augusta State, Here I Come
  • Comment: “I know how you feel switching schools and moving back home with your family. I transferred to GSU from a little private liberal arts college in SC. When I came here, I moved in with my mom and grandmother, who is 93. Although I came back to help take care of my “Nana” since she needs 24/7 care, it was quite an adjustment after being on my own for so long. To top it off, I NEVER in a million years thought I would end up in Statesboro! My mother’s family all live close to this area, so growing up in Texas, we would visit once a summer to go fishing and see the T-Rex at the museum…. little did I know until I got here for S.O.A.R. that the T-Rex was at the GSU museum and the fishing pond from when I was 7, was actually Lakeside Cafe- LOL! It makes you remember, life really does come full circle!”

19.) Lauren Stevens  –>

  • Date: 4.26.2010
  • Title: PR Connection #10
  • Comment: ” This is an odd, but good way to get donations for the cure to breast cancer. The two really didn’t match up in my mind at first, until I gave your blog a read-through.  I laughed so hard when you pointed out they are selling (chicken) breasts, for breast (cancer donations). I have been a vegetarian two years, so I have not used technical terms for chicken parts in a while, so that underlying pun wasn’t as obvious to me until I read it, as you pointed it out in your blog. This campaign proves a point that you can team up with other businesses or non-profit organizations that don’t have anything to do with each other, as long as you can be creative and link the two in a recognizable way. Good find!”

20.) Daniel Sallerson  —>

  • Date: 4.26.2010
  • Title: PR Connections- Panties and PR
  • Comment: “So, since I never watch TV and am a fan of ladies undergarments, I decided to YouTube this commercial you mentioned and check it out for myself…..and in case you were wondering, there is an extended version haha. It is funny that those stations would ban the commercial, or limit its viewing times. It makes me wonder how Victoria Secret can’t show a commercial, yet it has an  NATIONALLY VIEWED run way show every year?  I see where you are wondering how they get away with this, because frankly, I’m thinking the same thing! “

21.) Danial Sallerson  –>

  • Date: 4.26.2010
  • Title: PR Connections- Video Removed from YouTube
  • Comment: “This type of thing kind of disgust me. I feel like M.I.A. and Erykah Badu should be able to openly and artistically express what they want in their music videos, even if it is done with props and themes that revolve around soldiers/army/etc… Reason being is because, just yesterday for the first time, I saw Rihanna’s video for her song “Hard” and she is very sexual, as she is dressed up in all different forms of army gear, mid-evil times style outfits and is walking around with bombs blowing up in front of her. I feel more disgust that Rihanna can take her clothes off and hardly wear army print and be seen firing off multiple rounds of ammunition and it is seen as okay, but for two other lady artists, that actually try to depict a story or an idea about how they view what is taking place in the world is seen as wrong and is taken off the network? Seriously, what are people thinking?! “

22.) Shelly Martin  –>

  • Date: 4.26.2010
  • Title: PR Connection (about Kim Kardashian)
  • Comment: “As a vegetarian and an animal lover, you might be surprised to know I dislike PETA. I actually wrote a paper about them for a class when I first came to GSU, which made points that PETA isn’t as always animal-friendly as they are cracked up to be. I personally feel that, unless Kim picked up the cat in that manner and threw it or was slinging it around everywhere, that there really isn’t an issue here, considering that is how mother cats pick up their young. PETA tries to make such a big deal about some issues that aren’t even issues…..OR, they take what they see as issues and try to fix them, but only ever cause more issues. My favorite example of this is that there was some kind of fur-coat convention PETA showed up to and as the models and audience wearing fur exited the building, PETA people threw red paint all over them (to symbolize blood) to try to make a point. What they really ended up doing is acting like a child by using poor actions, instead of being persuasive and using their words. After that incident took place, all I could think was, “Hey PETA, at least these people killed an animal to wear it and sell it, but thanks to you, those animals died for nothing now that they were made into a coat that was ruined by your red paint and can no longer be worn or sold. Good job.” “

23.) Megan Long  –>

  • Date: 4.26.2010
  • Title: T.O.W. Week 16
  • Comment: “I thought your #1 and #10 rules were the best. I have felt really stressed myself trying to keep up with this blog, throughout the semester. It’s not even that the work is hard, there is just so many little things to keep track of! As you see, I am doing a little last-minute up-keep myself!  I agree with you too that blogging would be easier and more enjoyable if there were more opportunities to write about things that are more interesting than just the same regurgitated word-vomit from the text (which let’s face it, isn’t interesting either)…. I hope you have successful last-minute blogging and maybe now that this class is almost at an end, we can blog about stuff that actually means something to us! Or, ya know….not at all :o) haha “

24.) Wynn Kennedy  –>

  • Date: 4.26.2010
  • Title: igeekpublicrelations
  • Comment: “So that’s what that means, huh? A buddy of mine has a sticker that says “iGEEK—” whatever and I was always curious to know what it was all about. I tried asking him, but he had no idea because he just randomly found the sticker. It’s weird how often we are coming up with new words and phrases to use. Apple has introduced a whole new language to us with the iPod and the iPad… was just a matter of time before the English language is all computer talk and technical jargon!”

25.) John Keith  –>

  • Date: 4.26.2010
  • Title: What Are You Thankful For?
  • Comment: “This blog is exactly what I needed to read, at this given moment. With finals week soon approaching and all major projects being due, I have been so stressed and under the “Why Me?” spell. To everything negative that has come my way recently, all I can seem to think is, why me? Finally, I have an appropriate moment to sit back and ask myself what I am thankful for, instead of dwelling on how much school-work I still have left under belt. Well, you know what I am thankful for? That this comment is the LAST of my 25 needed for my blogging class, which means I am one step closer to being done with this blog completely, so I don’t have to stress about it any longer!!! Haha! Well, back to dwelling!! Great working with you this semester! Good luck on any of your last-minute blogging!”

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