sunday night thoughts

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Another school year is rounding up and the pressure is on. Everyone feels it; everyone is tense. It’s times like right now, where all the stresses of finally completing another year, in conjunction with knowing I still have one year to go, that makes me wonder: where is the happy-medium between “living in the moment” and planning a future?


PR Connections #10

•April 26, 2010 • 2 Comments

A blogging website was responsible for the meeting of Greg V. and Andrea D., both users of Pop Candy. Now, the two plan to get married! Here’s The Scoop:

“Greg shares the story of their relationship:

Andrea and I first started chatting in the daily forum sometime back in 2008. Our avatars were the first thing we noticed about each other: She liked an old passport photo from when I was 4; I liked a Calvin and Hobbes picture she used. Soon, it went from e-mails to phone calls. … By late 2008, we were talking almost every night for at least an hour.

After some convincing on my part, our first date happened in January 2009. She flew to San Antonio, and I took her to see the sights of my town. In the year and a half that followed, there were more flights, some drives from SA to Oklahoma City (and vice versa), and many more phone calls. Since we don’t live in the same state, dates have been treasured with us.

I tell people that we probably would have never met if it weren’t for Pop Candy. So many differences exist between us, it’s hard to imagine how we would meet. I live in San Antonio, she lives in a small town outside OKC. I’m 5’5″, she’s 5’10”. I’m Mexican, she’s white. I went to the University of Texas, she went to the rival University of Oklahoma. But because of your blog, we met. Because we met, we fell in love. And now, we’re planning our future.”

PR Connections #9

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I found a kind of silly and cute cartoon which puts in the most simple terms how PR, Marketing, Branding, and Advertising are vary from each other. I was pretty amused by it so I thought I would share!

PR Connections #8

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I found this website for Prowl Public Relations firm. On their site, the top header states, “PRowl Public Relations is Temple University’s first and only student-run PR firm. Our mission is threefold: to provide clients with comprehensive PR services and solutions, to offer PRSSA members opportunities to apply their knowledge and gain experience beyond the classroom, and to build credibility while forming lasting student-client relationships.”

I thought the site was easy to navigate, had a variety of different blog posts, and seemed like a creative bunch of folks. Check it out!!

PR Connections #7

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I read an article called, “What to Do When a PR Disaster Strikes Your Startup” on It discussed a social buying site called Blippy, which has been featured in the NY Times s. However, a few technology sites said that their credit card information had been leaked from Blippy and were being found on Google. In the article it stated:

“An hour later, Blippy responded with a post on its blog, explaining that the leak was months old and affected only four beta users, not current Blippy users. Later, they amended the blog post to include an apology. News of more credit card leaks continued on Saturday. Of course, Blippy is by no means the only startups to suffer from potential public relations disasters, and it remains to be seen what, if any, impact this has on the site.

Blippy’s response, including the need to re-edit its official announcement, demonstrates the importance in responding quickly and correctly to a crisis.”

PR Connections #6

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“Whether they know it or not (but I’m sure that they do) the company is a social media pioneer and PR genius.  Using the social media site Twitter, Only Burger (@onlyburger) has created a following almost 2,000 strong by posting only location updates and announcing the day’s special.  The word-of-mouth generated by cooking the area’s best burgers is garnering the company a truck load of success.  So much so, that the company is investing in its first brick-and-mortar location to be opened later this year in Durham.”


I just thought that this was an interesting story about how a burger stand used their PR skills, advertising, and web abilities to make a successful business!

PR Connections #5

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“Windows Live Planet” is a newly developed idea from Microsoft that is  for Public Relations.

You can access the site by going to:

You can use this site with your G-mail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and MSN sites as well. The site uses your Windows Live ID in conjunction with your other favorite sites, to connect you to new friends, as well as old ones. See what you think!!